Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pudding Extravaganza

I cannot take credit for this beautiful creation because (brace yourselves) .... my husband made it.

I know! Can you believe it? But, he did.

I can't say it's much of an "original" recipe, but it tasted awesome, and here's what he did.


One small box of the Jell-o instant chocolate pudding
2 cups milk
5 strawberries
Cool whip
Mini chocolate chips
8 animal crackers


Mix the mix with the milk as directed, stirring for two minutes.
Pour the pudding into your dishes and then garnish with the toppings.

It tasted SOOO great. Maybe it's because they're our first strawberries this year...but, they tasted like candy, they were so sweet!

Give it a try. The Jell-o is $.76, why not?


**Em** said...

Gordon made that?? That looks delicious! Way to go Gordo :)

Jon & Becky said...

that looks really good and super do-able! The next time I get strawberries I'm making that for sure!